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43.2% ABV (86.4 proof)

Inspired by the Minke whale, the majestic creatures that swim wild off our Atlantic Ocean coastline. The same local coastline is home to Rock Samphire, the unique botanical that gives Minke gin its distinct flavour profile.

There is a massive degree of family history that stands behind the creation of this product. Every ounce if produced with dedication, sweat, and care in such a way that this gin represents the family and its spirit.

Palate: Crisp and dry, fresh n’ fruity, zesty, later the Rock Samphire from our local cliffs becomes obvious with some green fennel-like notes. Slightly salty with red peppercorn in the finish.

Served Best: Fill a Minke Glass with 4 large ice cubes, 1/3 Minke Gin and 2/3 Tonic. Add two slices of lemon or lime and garnish with a mint leaf. But we are sure that you will find your own twist on this beautiful spirit and how it should be presented. Enjoy!

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